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TMJ Therapy Buckhead Atlanta, GA

Pained woman holding cheeks with mouth agapeYour temporomandibular joints (also simply known as TMJ) are located near the ear, and although they may be small, they have the crucial function of facilitating your jaw’s movement. This big responsibility means that even slight misalignments can throw the entire system off-balance, resulting in severe pain and reduced oral function. At the dental office of Dr. Jane Puskas, our team works hard to uphold a long-held tradition of quality, comprehensive care that’s designed with your unique needs in mind. We offer nightguards and other therapy options that can relieve your TMJ symptoms and restore harmony to your smile. Contact our Buckhead Atlanta dental practice today to schedule your first visit.

TMJ Diagnosis

When determining whether a patient is suffering from TMJ disorder or not, our doctors will conduct a visual examination and discuss with you whether or not you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

Additionally, our digital 2D X-Rays and 3D cone beam technology can provide valuable insight, allowing us to view the exact positioning of your jaw, your temporomandibular joints, and your teeth.

Occlusal Splint Therapy

Dr. Puskas may recommend occlusal splint therapy as an effective method for treating TMJ disorder. There are several types of these oral appliances, all designed to promote more oral comfort and harmony so that pain is relieved for patients from Brookhaven, GA and surrounding areas. Your splint may be primarily designed to allow your jaw to close properly or to prevent muscle spasms that can occur when the jaw muscles become fatigued. They can also help direct the jaw joints to a more proper position that accelerates the healing process. Our team will work with you to determine the ideal solution for your unique situation.

Occlusal Adjustment

When your bite is showing signs of instability, your oral health and overall wellbeing can suffer. With occlusal adjustment (also known as occlusal equilibration), our team can provide much-needed relief for patients in need of correction. We’ll alter certain teeth that are interfering, creating a much more stable system for your jaw joints and bite that feels great.