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Restorative Dentistry in Buckhead

 Restorative Dentistry Buckhead Elderly man smilingOral damage can occur for a wide variety of reasons, whether it’s as benign as a minor chip or as serious as one or more lost teeth. Patients in Vinings and surrounding areas who are struggling with concerns like this are encouraged to turn to Dr. Jane Puskas for the experienced, personalized approach they need. With the help of her junior associate and her long-term staff, she looks forward to rebuilding your smile in a durable and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Our office is located here in the Atlanta metropolitan area – contact us today to schedule your first visit!  

CEREC One-Visit Restorations

Many patients need custom, high-quality restorations to reinvigorate lacking smiles, but the multiple appointments needed to design, craft, and place them can be a burden on those with busy schedules. Thankfully, Dr. Puskas has invested in state-of-the-art technology that simplifies this process considerably without sacrificing the high standards she believes in: CEREC. With advanced software and an in-office milling unit, CEREC allows us to take you through the entire creation process of a new crown, inlay, onlay, or other restoration in one, short appointment.

Restorations created with the help of CEREC are crafted from all-ceramic materials that look and feel completely natural in your smile, preserving the beautiful appearance you’re proud of. Additionally, there’s never any need for uncomfortable temporary restorations or messy impression materials that feel awkward in the mouth. 

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Cerec Same Day Crowns

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are vital cornerstones of restorative treatment, allowing Dr. Puskas and the rest of our team to rebuild the strong, lifelike shape of healthy teeth that have been damaged or lost. Dental crowns cover an existing individual tooth, providing needed strength and support. There are several situations where they may be recommended, including:

Crowns can also be used in conjunction with bridges to restore lost teeth. The prosthetic replenishes dental structure along a single arch, given that there are still healthy teeth located nearby. The dental crowns are “anchored” on these teeth, working to hold the new bridge in place for a permanent, sturdy fit. Implant-retained bridges are also available from our Buckhead practice!

Root Canal Therapy

Teeth that have become severely damaged to the point that the inner pulp and root is infected can no longer be treated with traditional restorative methods like crowns and fillings. Instead, root canal therapy is the last line of defense before extraction becomes necessary. Our dentist can handle this procedure right here in-office for a comprehensive care experience, taking the time to ensure patients remain as comfortable as possible throughout.

Root canal therapy is carried out by accessing the inner chamber of the tooth and removing diseased pulp and nerve. After this area has been thoroughly cleaned and sealed, a brand-new, custom restoration can be placed on top to protect the tooth’s structure and restore its beautifully natural appearance.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Your third molars (more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”) are the last permanent teeth to erupt in your smile, usually arriving when a patient is in their young adult years. However, by this point, your mouth has a very limited amount of space remaining to accommodate them, and this commonly leads to potentially serious concerns with overcrowding, impaction, and infection. Our doctors will closely monitor this area with the help of state-of-the-art X-rays, and if we determine that these problems are likely, extraction may be recommended as a safe, preventive measure that will help preserve your oral health.

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Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures have been a staple of tooth replacement for hundreds of years now, and today, many patients still enjoy their convenient, cost-effective nature. Our team offers both full and partial removable models, depending on your personal needs, and implant-retained prosthetics are available as well for those who wish to enjoy a more stable, confident smile.

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